Give Energy to your dreams, 

Energy Healing:

Energy for Transformation

​​not your fears​

Your energy is listening to you every day.  With every thought, feeling and

emotion you experience.  Every thought, every feeling and every emotion

you experience, both positive and negative are stored within your body's

energy system.  When out of balance, you may experience stress, insomnia 

and other physical and/or emotional symptoms.  Your energies can be

restored to balance enabling the body to heal itself and thereby enabling you 

to feel better and more energized.  There are many forms of energy healing 

techniques which include Access Bars, Acupuncture, Eden Energy Medicine,

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Qi Gong, Reiki and Therapeutic Touch.

I offer Access Bars, EFT - also known as Tapping, and Reiki.  I am currently

a student of Eden Energy Medicine.  The energy healing techniques

​I offer can assist you with stress reduction, insomnia, general focusing, relaxation

and so much more.  I can also teach you self-help tools that can help you at home.