Energy for Transformation

Before Tapping, please remember to drink plenty of water.  It is important to stay well hydrated.  Tapping does not work well when a person is dehydrated. If you are Tapping and do not notice a reduction or shift in intensity, try drinking a glass of water and then continue.

  • ​Find a comfortable place to sit.  
  • Brainstorm the main issue or feeling you would like to release and write down a few specific examples of the cause of the issue or feeling.  
  • Review the Tapping positions to your right. 
  • Take a deep breath and remember to breathe through the Tapping process.
  • Begin Tapping and say "Even though I have this issue or feeling, I am a good person".....Find the words that work for you.
  • When you begin to feel neutral about the situation, this is a sign, that the emotion is clearing.   
  • Choose a positive word that you would like to complete the Tapping with, such as more confidence, creativity, joy, etc.  
  • If in doubt, please feel free to contact me


Tips for Tapping: